General Industrial Automation

What is OPC DA?


OPC DA stands for Open Platform Communication Data Access, a standard interface to access the process data. They are mainly used in industrial applications.

What is a DCS? Distributed Control System

DeltaV DCS

Distributed control system (DCS) is a sophisticated control system for a plant or a process consisting of many controller loops that are usually autonomous controllers distributed throughout the process without any central operator supervisory control.

What is EtherNet/IP Protocol?

EthernetIP Protocol

EtherNet/IP is an industrial Ethernet protocol. It combines traditional Ethernet with an industrial application layer protocol, which is called Control and Information Protocol (CIP).

What is ProfiBus DP Protocol?

Profibus DP Protocol Main

The PROFIBUS DP Protocol (Process Field BUS) forms the link between the automation system, peripheral modules, and field devices.

What is a Control Systems Engineer?

control systems engineer

What is a Control Systems Engineer (or Control Engineer)? What skills and requirements will you need to become a Control Systems Engineer?